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Common Conventions Used In Most Tutorials

  • Analogies – "It is helpful to think..." is often used to make analogies of abstract concepts
  • EmphasisBold and ALL CAPS fonts are used to emphasize key words or phrases from the rest of the sentence
  • Examples –  are used to further reinforce knowledge of what is read
  • Regular Tips – ways to do concepts easier or faster
  • Memory Tips – used to make concepts memoriable
  • Animations – used to convey concepts that are not easily understood by word or graphics
  • Best Practice or Common Practice – "It is best practice..." is used often to highlight industry standards
  • Correct order – Concepts are explained in a logical order. For examples, it is best to learn how to style a list BEFORE learning how to style a vertical or horizontal menu.

Total Training Modules: 136

Vital Few14

ABCs of Programming12

Advanced Programming3





JS / JS Library12



Adobe Photoshop13

Adobe Illustrator10

Adobe Dreamweaver14

Adobe Muse2

TechSmith Camtasia

Adobe Flash25

Adobe Fireworks5


Total Training Modules: 136